Life Coach For Women

Hi, I'm Geraldine SLOAN

My mission is to help busy professional Mums find themselves again, to realise that THEY are important. 

I offer life coaching for women to help you find a new sense of purpose. There’s a lot of living still to be done! You are an amazing woman. I want you to find what YOU want for yourself, what lights you up and makes you excited. I want you to thrive. 

I’m a single parent of 3 (now) grown-up children. For the vast majority of their lives, I worked incredibly long hours. I’d frequently get the children to bed and then start working again. I was rarely in bed before midnight for many years, and frequently was working much later than that.
I kept going and it was fine (!).  

On the face of it, my life and career were very successful. I had a thriving accounting business, three (mostly) happy children who I had a great relationship with and great holidays from time to time. However, a couple of times a year, I’d have to stay in bed for a few days. I wasn’t ill. I just couldn’t get out of bed. I was exhausted, no doubt on the brink of burn out. After a couple of days, I’d get up and do it all again.
Oh, my.
I didn’t see that my life could be any different. I couldn’t see that I had choices. I suffered bereavements of people close to me and, following their passing, I’d talk about how we need to live life. But I didn’t. I just kept repeating the same patterns.

My Story


 A couple of years ago I realised that when asked “How are you?” by one of my clients, I told them all about my children and what they were up to. I saw this client once a month and it was the same thing every time. Every single time. I finally realised that there was no ME in my own story.

So I made change happen. I took the One of Many coaching certification and I’ve learned from exceptional coaches, such as Rich Litvin and Michael Neill. I’ve now coached women from around the world and have made very positive differences in their lives. I love doing this, because I see the impact my Life Coaching for Women programme has had on my clients and their families. 

Writing A New Story

"I want you to know what I wish I’d known 20 years ago. That you are important in your life. That your children will be happier when you are. That you have choices."

"Your life is too precious for you to make yourself ill through overwhelm, overwork, insufficient sleep, no exercise and inadequate nutrition. You are too precious."

Ways to Work With Me


12 week 1:1 coaching programme

Ongoing 1:1 coaching, usually 1-2 sessions monthly

Group coaching - Empower programme (8 weeks)

Group coaching - Money Clarity programme (6 weeks)

Power pauses (energising, like a power nap) - 1 hour to dig deep

Life Coaching For Women who want to find themselves again

"I began the Life Coaching for Women programme with Geraldine as I was  stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out. She was relaxed and easy to talk to and coached me using the One of Many Programme which we tailored together. 
Geraldine guided me to reflect on the causes of my burnout and helped me to realise that I could take back control.

She has given me the tools to approach life in a new way with confidence. After 12 weeks with Geraldine my life is back on track and I feel excited about the future. I can highly recommend Geraldine as a coach, her sessions have had a hugely positive impact on my life."

Client Appreciation

Feel the love

Client Appreciation

Feel the love

"Having now completed my 12-week Life Coaching for Women programme with Geraldine and after some reflection I can say, with some assurance, that I have benefitted from the experience. I was able to learn a lot about myself through the journey and am now able to identify certain aspects of myself to call on in situations at work or in my personal life. I enjoyed the openness of the sessions and that they were client led. 

Overall, I think the process would benefit so many female leaders in the community, even if it is just as a time to set aside to focus on yourself. Geraldine was a great listener and my, sometimes, outrageous statements were met with good humour when needed, but always with honesty focusing back on me."

Client Appreciation

"Following our coaching, I had supervision and received some lovely feedback. It was over Microsoft Teams but she said my posture looked much better and I seemed happier with less of the weight of the world on my shoulders."

Feel the love

Client Appreciation

"I really enjoyed having Geraldine as a coach. She has a warm, empathetic manner and was very easy to talk to. I found that I was able to raise quite sensitive issues with her and I made good progress with the issues that concerned me. I would definitely recommend her as a coach."

Feel the love

Find what you want for yourself